Literacy is important to Hootybee, and to all of us! Literacy is (literally) the ability to read and write. Reading and writing have been critical elements in human communication and the sharing of knowledge for thousands of years. And...literacy should always! 

Please join us as we sit down with the charming, talented and insightful actress Anne Lockhart! If you ever wondered how her mom, legendary actress June Lockhart helped Anne to develop her career...come and find out with us together as we meet this wonderful actress!


Please join us as we sit down with actor Robert Picardo, and ask him how literacy helped to shape his career. Some of you may remember him from his role as the EMH in Star Trek Voyager, some of you may remember him as the coach on The Wonder Years, some of you may recall his work as the cowboy from Innerspace, others may remember him from Stargate he's been in over 170 titles, there are plenty of his roles to choose from!

Come meet actor Donnie Dunagan, and find out how literacy helped him as a young aspiring actor! Donnie Dunagan featured in seven films in the 1930's through the 1940's. His credits include Son of Frankenstein, The Tower of London, and Bambi to name a few. He's worked with many classic American actors and artists, including Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, Bela Legosi, and even Walt Disney himself. Learn all about his career and his new book in our interview!

Join us as we investigate the ghosts of Granbury with the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour. We had a great tour guide, who really knows his local ghosts! Follow us into downtown Granbury Square...if you dare! Mwu hah..mwuhah...mwuhahahahahahaahhaaaa

Come join us as we explore reports of paranormal activity in the Hood County Old Jail Museum...if you dare...